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We help in research, strategize, competitive analysis,  creating prototypes to refine your Idea into a Market Fit Product.

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We Help Techprenuers with Strategy, Vision, and Road Maps.

We work on understanding and improvising your Tech Idea. We define the problem it’s solving, along with finding the Niche it’s serving and identifying the USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
We help you identifying the Market size, researching and analyzing the competitors, providing competitive positioning. We also identify the potential risks associated with your Tech Idea and come up with the right Strategy and Tactics.
Identifying the potential customer base, psychographic of your potential customer (including demographics). Identifying compelling value for the customer. Building MVP (Functional Prototypes) to test an early product idea, customer feedback, and gathering behavioral data.
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Don’t Waste Time & Money in Development

With our Product Discovery Service, we help startups & growing companies to refine & validate their Tech Idea at a fraction cost of the development cost.

Vision & Strategy

Defining the big picture to accomplish along with a plan to achieve that Vision.

Business Objectives

Building Specific, Prioritized measurable business objectives for your Tech Idea.

Risk Analysis

Identifying risks like Value, Usability, Feasibility, and Business Viability, and many other risks.

Customer Testing

Gather feedback with Prototypes, knowing what customers like and what will sell.

Road Maps

Building roadmaps that are outcome-based rather than output-based. This helps to define the development scope.



Saves huge development time, energy, and costs.


Product Discovery Company

Refine your Idea into a Market Fit Product.


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Kate Schadler Client

“The Team at PAYG Apps is great. Their Product Discovery service helped to refine my product and reducing cost & time for the development. Overall, we had a great experience with their product teams to build the final product quickly.”

Jennifer Clark

CEO – Event Booking App

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We work with Startups and Growing Companies

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“PAYG Apps team was excellent to work on my Tech Idea. We have worked for over a year and the product is doing better each day with their Early Adoption Service. I have learned new things in this entire journey and looking forward to making it successful further.”

Jim Cooper

Founder – Gaming App

Marketing Expert

Sara Jones

Technology Consultant
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