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We at PAYG Apps are focused on refining, strategize, building, and launching unique Tech Ideas.

We build Products (NOT Projects) better & faster!

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  • Product Discovery

Refining Your Tech Idea

Refining your Tech Idea with usability, research, competitive positioning, product road maps, prototyping, and risk analysis. The goal is to help you resolve challenges at a low cost with a definite timeline.

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  • Launch Now, Pay Later

Startup Program

We build and launch your Idea in a limited time. You pay us monthly over a period of 12-months (maybe with your side hustle), helping you start on your Tech Idea quickly.

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  • Product Team

Product Development

We allocate our smart Product Teams to build your Tech Idea using CI/CD methodology. We work on quick product iterations, defined in Product Discovery roadmaps. This is a team of missionaries, not a team of mercenaries.

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  • Get Visibility

Early Adoption

We don’t just build Your Tech Idea. We also help you to get off the ground to get visibility to your Tech Idea. Visibility in Overcrowded App stores, needs the “Out of the Box” approach and our experts can assist with you that.

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Marketing Expert
Sara Jones

Technology Consultant

Discuss Your Tech Idea with us

Discuss Your Tech Idea with us

Kate Schadler Client

“The Team at PAYG Apps is great. Their Product Discovery service helped to refine my product and reducing cost & time for the development. Overall, we had a great experience with their product teams to build the final product quickly.”

Jennifer Clark

CEO – Event Booking App

We Invest in Ideas & People

We invest in Tech Ideas with our Startup Program, and we build smart teams to deliver on those Products.

Success is Mutual

We believe our accomplishment lies in your Success. We are on a mission to help you achieve your Dream Product, thus achieving pride in our work.


All Ideas are a dime a dozen if not executed properly. You may have just one shot to make your Tech Idea work. With our strong team, we help you get there.

Product Culture

Building Products requires a unique and innovative approach. We have been focusing on building smart teams, translating them into our company’s culture.

Our Clients We Work With

We work with Startups and Growing Companies

Are you ready to Get Started?

Discuss your Tech Idea with our Founders on a Free Consultation (under confidential NDA).

“PAYG Apps team was excellent to work on my Tech Idea. We have worked for over a year and the product is doing better each day with their Early Adoption Service. I have learned new things in this entire journey and looking forward to making it successful further.”

Jim Cooper

Founder – Gaming App

Marketing Expert

Sara Jones

Technology Consultant
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