With a circulation of $1.6 trillion in 2021, the United States has become the most prominent tech market in this world. In such an environment, startups are expected to move fast. With that said, it becomes significant for entrepreneurs and startup owners to iterate, scale, and deliver optimum even during tight schedules. For this purpose, technology plays an essential role, especially for app developer companies.

While many technologies are available in the marketplace, React Native could be a wise choice to build an application. Wondering why? Let us help. But first, let’s understand what React Native is and why most application development companies in the USA prefer using it.

React Native – an overview

React Native is a framework that helps to create hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is based on JavaScript, an open-source library that allows building UIs (User Interfaces).

Created by Facebook in 2015, every industry giant, such as Instagram, Uber, Pinterest, Walmart, and Airbnb, uses React Native framework to run their applications today. As a framework, React Native works efficiently for both cross-platform and mobile app development using JavaScript language.

With that said, Facebook is currently focusing on the re-architecture of the technology on a large scale. It will help an android and iOS app development company lower its app size, time to interaction, and memory utilization. It will also become more accessible for app developing companies to migrate React Native to AndroidX.

Let’s now look at the top 5 advantages of using React Native for an android and iOS app development company

  • Launching period
    More than 1000 apps hit the Apple Store in a single day. As a result, an android and iOS app development company will require less time to market their product in the marketplace. In such a scenario, the time between conception and launch plays a crucial role, especially for startups. React Native reduces this gap by sharing a 90% codebase between iOS and Android.
  • Availabilities of developers
    React Native framework has been around for more than five years now. Precisely, the availability of React Native developers is vast. It means there exists a developer marketplace in parallel where the best programmers hang around—an average React Native developer prices somewhere between $100 and $125 per hour in the US. Even if the startups want to hire freelancers, there are plenty of online platforms available that might help.
  • Cost reduction
    Building separate mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms can be costly. In this regard, React Native allows startups and entrepreneurs to hire one developer for both platforms, which helps them save money.
  • Reusable components
    Every component of a React Native framework has its own control and logic. That is perhaps why it becomes easier to reuse these components while supporting both platforms in parallel. It additionally helps to make development and code management more accessible for the business.
  • Open-source community
    Since React Native has been an active open-source community since 2015, many developers are available over platforms such as Jiffy, Reddit, and Github. As a result, it potentially helps the application development companies in the USAto get their queries resolved and answered online, anytime.

Here are the 5 key reasons why app development companies should choose React Native, especially in 2021 –

  • Advanced coding experience
    JavaScript is way easier when compared with Objective – C/Swift or Java/Kotlin, especially for a novice android and iOS app development company. It additionally comes with low coding improvement characteristics to reduce the overall time to market. That is perhaps why startups prefer hiring React Native developers to make their application development process effective.
  • Coding for once
    Facebook’s React Native development team extended their JavaScript library to support the platforms Android and iOS. It depicts that the code base for rendering android and iOS files is similar and helps save time and resources without poking the app quality. Thus, it becomes the most prominent option for entrepreneurs and startup owners who strongly believe in efficiency as the key to success.
  • No rework
    If at any point a developer finds an app that is already running on either a cross-platform or native framework, overhauling will not take much effort.
  • Reusable components for functionality
    In React Native, the counterparts of native android and iOS components exist. It helps the developers not to rely singularly on WebView components but build on hybrid development.
  • Hardware compatibility
    With the help of React Native, startups and their developers can access an in-built hardware system that makes the user experience and performance commendable.

For every application development company in the USA, it is essential to select a programming language based on its connectivity and scalability. In this regard, React Native could be the right fit.

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