Team to convert an Average Idea into a Market Fit Product.

We are experienced in building Multiple Tech Products. We understand Startup Culture and have the Potential to deliver on your Tech Idea tirelessly.

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Your Idea is a Product, NOT a Project!

We are on a mission converting Ideas into a Real Market Fit Tech Products. We are building, retaining a strong & Passionate Technology team to deliver tirelessly. We are on a journey to help Techpreneurs achieve their dreams.

Helping Techpreneurs in Refining, Launching, and Financing their Tech Ideas.

We have expertise in overcoming challenges in Product Development and building Products with Growing companies. Our “Never Cut Corners” approach sets us apart from others.

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Save huge development time, energy, and costs.


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Our payments are spread across a period of 12 months.


Years in business

We are a passionate, strong team to deliver on your dream.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Your Success is our accomplishment.

Our team is a firm believer in mutual success. Success does not come overnight, and we burn the midnight oil to achieve client delight.

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Processes, Culture, and Experience that is What Matters!

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Market Fit Product

We research, collaborate, competitive analysis, prototyping, and gather early customer feedback to define a market fitness product. We do this without spending a dime on development. Our Unique Product Discovery Service helps you to save Time & Cost.

Product Culture

It requires a unique mindset, innovative approach, and different processes to build Products. We have been focusing on building strong teams and processes to refine our delivery methods. Your Idea is a Product and not a Project for us. One of our principles is “Never cut corners.”

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“PAYG Apps team was excellent at working on my Tech Idea. We have been working together for over a year, and the product is doing better each day with their Early Adoption Service. I have learned new things in this entire journey and looking forward to making it successful further.”

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Jim Cooper

Founder – Gaming App

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