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Shall I buy a windows phone or not??? Worldwide smartphone purchase issue or ambiguity. In the recent times, the Microsoft phones have to face a tough competition from the android. The battle is although going to raise its bar in coming time, but these phones have their own genre, applications, uses, and user. The omnipresent operating system is owned by Microsoft and not only preferred for cellular phones, but also runs various other computational devices. The apps installed in these smartphones are specific and developed by rare companies as well. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), the windows phone app development company located in California is all set to bring some interesting points regarding the smartphones which have missed by users. Here we go with the blog-

PAYG as Windows Phone App Development Company-

PAYG, a global giant engaged in manufacturing of a diverse range of apps. Its diversity of applications is amazing and preferred by its worldwide customers as well. The distinguished and dazzling application development company makes their eminent customers able to access customized applications generated for them specifically. No wonder, the popularity of PAYG is increasing in its customer base and further addition of new ones is on counting.

Is Market Value of Microsoft Phones Dip?

If we believe recent studies, then it’s really shocking and shaking as they show a dropdown in market value Microsoft owned, but the brand mobile company is not worried about the results as it knows quite well that their consumer base will never shake and their market will keep proliferating. If it would happen, why Microsoft have been launching various models Lumia phones, its branded mobile phones.

Microsoft Corporation, a Washington located Software Company made its recognition with windows operating system specifically made for PC and laptops. Its entrance to the mobile industry started with the takeover of Nokia, a renowned mobile company in 2013. Since the year, the giant software company tried to launch a concept and a new kind of mobile operating system never seen before. This was the invention of Lumia models.

Hunt for the Best Smartphone in Market-

The technology behind these phones is not just smart rather they have made their consumers intelligent and decisive too. Their hunt starts from the moment they plan to buy a new model installed with windows phone apps. These technical modules have made these cellular devices more desirable than ever.

Our Unique & Interesting Payment Model-

Our market research reveals that customers always prefer to check out for added features in their mobiles which have great values with a lower price. So, of course, going as per the customer’s inclination, our payment module has been designed to best fit in the requirement box. Before you go for the purchase, calculate your device cost through our free online calculator and make your preferences optimum.

  1. Pay in 12 Months- We are transparent with our costs and thus offers a hassle-free payment module for our clients. Feel free to pay your development cost in 12 months.
  2. 8 Weeks Delivery- Your order will be ready in the span of 8 months, no sooner and no later.
  3. 1 Year Support- You will never have to ask for support, we will stand side-by-side in your queries and problems, both.
  4. Custom Development- The development procedures will surely follow your guidelines. Our experts are well versed and they have absolute knowledge to answer your queries to your best satisfaction. The final output provided from our end will perfectly be matching your expectations.
  5. 3 Upgrades in a Year- What more to ask for? Then let me tell you, you will get 3 upgrades in a year for the proper maintenance of your requirement.

PAYG is committed towards customer service for their windows phone app development. Get propelling and driving features for your mobile manufacturing motives.

Windows Phone App Development


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