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Our Flagship services are Custom Mobile and Web Apps. Along with these services we offer Proof of Concept App Services which is helpful if you want to run your App idea with your friends, family and Angel Investor(s).

You may compare us with all the other companies available in the market. But our UNIQUE Payment Model sets us apart from our competition. Our Easy PAY-AS-YOU-GO Model not only allows our Customers to PAY over 12 months, but also speaks about our commitment to GO LIVE with your App in 3 – 12 weeks.


If you looking for Mobile App for your business or New Mobile App and want a 100% Guaranteed delivery, you are at the right Place. Our Unique PAY AS YOU GO payment ensures that your business goals are achieved and you pay in 12 monthly payments.

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Get a Custom CMS / e-Commerce / Social Networking or Online Tracking Web App with our PAY AS YOU GO payment model. It includes 3 upgrades and 100% Guaranteed to be delivered. We are more than an IT Company, enabling your business to next level.

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Get Proof of Concept ready for your Mobile app need or idea to showcase it your investors or stakeholders. Whether you are starting a new app idea or an existing business, you can use our Proof of Concept service to get a blueprint of your Mobile App idea/need.

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Most of the businesses spend additional money to upgrade their website and content and still they are left behind the race because it is expensive and time consuming.

We at PAYG Apps helps businesses for their CMS and other Custom Web app needs. We have developed more than 100+ different Custom web Apps across various Industry verticals like E-commerce, Social Networking, Travel etc.

Our PAY AS YOU GO (PAYG) easy 12 month payment plan, helps businesses to upgrade with the new technology and overcoming the fear to loss to the competition.

Smart Phone Apps

The need of Mobile Apps is undebatable, there are various articles available on Internet Why a Business needs a Mobile App to Grow and Expand their business.

We at PAYG Apps brings those Mobile App idea to Life. In our process, we not only take your App Idea to Live App Store also enable you with the tools and technics to further grow their business using Mobile Apps.

Our easy 12 month payment plans, helps you to get started with small amount and overcome changing curves of technology. 


A successful business owner is the one who looks into the future and plans for it.

We at PAYG Apps helps business owner to start early on the smart TV’s app and get closer to their customer. Internet has made life easier for everyone including your Customer, it is important for a business to to be available with the customer when and where possible. Smart TV’s apps are gathering lot of attention and soon Smart TV apps will lead what and where the customer buys.

Whether you own a business which needs a Smart TV app or have an Idea for Smart TV app, contact PAYG Apps today and our Mobile App Strategist will help you with the right plan and approach.


Does your Prospect/Customer wears a Smart Device? 

  • Your customer is across the street and your business app can alert them on their smart device about your special business offer.
  • You can also update your customer that their package is ready when they are 5 minutes away from your business.

Now you know the opportunity is immense and this will leave your competition behind.

Get started with our UNIQUE PAYG Model(PAY AS YOU GO) and we are committed not only to deliver Smart Apps for your business but also to ensure that your business functions smartly.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. View our Top 5 work samples.


We at PAYG Apps have developed more than 100 apps on Web, iPhone, Android, Smart TV's etc. We have worked across all the major Industry Verticals and here we have showcased TOP 5 Apps from our strong Portfolio of 100+ Apps. We would be happy to demonstrate more of our work on a Schedule Call with you. Just Contact US for more information and someone will get back to you in 1 business day.



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